On today's show, Chris Cooley, Chief Innovation Officer of Evelo Agency  joins us to talk about co-working/flexible workspace, how to build client trust, and how to integrate new workers into a community.


Chris talked about his background, his journey through many projects and how Evelo Agency was born. Although one fascinating value they created is the online survey you can take to define the right work-place option for you. Well, many people (including me at first) will say "i don't need such a thing"... wait until you take the survey and see the results. I wasn't really excited at first, but when their app described exactly what i need, I talked to Chris to understand the background. That's how I figured it wasn't a simple survey, but in fact they worked with academics, data scientists and people that experience the coworking / flexible workspace on a daily basis.


If you're curious and would like to experience the app, feel free to contact Chris directly at chris@eveloagency.com


Now enjoy the podcast!