• Dogan Kaleli

Bold Moves and Fearless Networking Will Help You Forge Partnerships

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Great article and video by Entrepreneur, and key messages from Danielle Yadegar.

Click on the image to watch the video, great messages for an entrepreneur!

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars spotlights the founder of Above the Glass, Danielle Yadegar, who speaks about partnerships.

Even if you create a fantastic product, explains Yadegar, if no one is out there to see your product, it may have been a waste to have created it at all. 

The female founder recommends that in order to get your creations into the real world, look to companies that you admire and study the steps they have taken. Once you've collected this list, take steps to be bold and reach out to them. Taking iniative to talk to those you admire can benefit you greatly, especially when you start a line of communication.

Even if you run into a wall -- perhaps when looking for someone's contact information -- you should get inventive and try different tactics.