• Dogan Kaleli

Creating Need Cards

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Hi đź‘‹

We designed Wanderfy based on what we call "need cards". These are the posts or listings of what your business needs. As you know, Wanderfy is a network where you get introduced to your next customer or partner; and everything starts with you posting your business needs, using the Need Cards.

1. Once you login to Wanderfy, this is your main page. You can see all the posted needs by you and other members:

2. To create a need, simply click on Create. Your need card will look like this. Just click on Create to enter details:

3. Let’s give a title to your need... it’s better to keep it short and use something catchy, if you can.

4. Add some tags so the right people can see your Need Card. Just type your first tag, use a comma and type a new one:

5. Describe your business needs here, with details... Make sure other members can understand what you’re exactly looking for. Keep it focused and clear, so members can think of the right people to connect you with:

6. Add your location. If you don’t add a location, members from all around the world can see your need card, which can be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for (i.e. new market expansion):

7. To keep the needs at Wanderfy fresh and up to date, we added this time element. Just pick how long you’d like to keep this Need open. Maximum is 90 days, after that, don’t forget to update your need:

8. These are the categories you may use, to specify your business needs. There are many options here depending on what you need. This helps other members to think of the best person to introduce you to. Feel free to preview your Need card, happy with how it looks then simply click on Post and you’ll start receiving introductions in no time:

By the way, one important thing: don’t forget to go through the posted needs, and make introductions 🙏. Remember, the more you introduce, the more you’ll get introduced