• Dogan Kaleli

Step by Step Wanderfy

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Setting up and using Wanderfy is pretty simple and easy, that's how we designed it ;) Let me share some details step by step;

1. Sign up

Well if you're reading this, you should have already downloaded the app in Apple Store or Google Play; and already created your user profile.

During the registration, we asked your Twitter handle an LinkedIn profile url. This is very important! In the back-end of Wanderfy, we actually check out who is in your professional network and their interests. This helps us to provide you with more accurate introduction opportunities, which is a core element in our value proposition. So if you haven't added your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, you can go back and edit your profile by clicking on your name.

2. Create your Need Cards

This is how everything starts: creating the Need Cards based on your professional needs. So think of something concrete and be straight forward. This way other members can understand what exactly you're looking for and can think of the right person in their network. The goal here is not something like those 1-to-1 networking platforms out there. If you do that, you need to spend your entire afternoon researching people's profiles and meeting them to even see if they have anything interesting for you. The magic of Wanderfy is that you get introduced, so keep your need cards clear and straight-forward, so people can understand what exactly you're looking for.

We actually have a dedicated article on how to create need cards, feel free to check it out here, or you can also watch a short video;

3. Make Introductions 🤝

So, in Wanderfy you get introduced by other members to your next customer or partner, right? Well you are one of those members, so start with introducing others. Don't expect to get introduced to cool contacts, before you contribute a little. Make sure you check out Need Cards posted by other members and think about who you can introduce them to within your network.

When making an introduction, you'll see 3 options;

  1. to a business contact (someone from your professional network)

  2. to a friend (someone from your inner circle)

  3. to myself (this is you, in case you're interested to connect yourself)

Simply click on "take" and make the introduction, answering some basic questions. Once you complete, Wanderfy will send an email to both contacts, so they can connect.

Important note: when you make the introduction, don't forget to add a personal note. Briefly describe why you're making the introduction. Your note will be added to the email, so your contacts can give this a chance ;) I know a lot of people just ignore emails, but with your personal note you increase the chance big time!

4. Get Introduced >> #GetWanderfied 🚀

As you start introducing others, they'll start introducing you as well. To make it happen, of course you should create your Need Cards first, so they can see your professional needs.

Wanderfy's secret sauce is the combination of our algorithm and the human element.

  • Our ALGORITHM brings your Need Card in front of the right people, who have contacts in their network that might be interested to be your next customer or partner.

  • The HUMAN element ensure the introduction is not done by a machine, but there is a human touch in the process, such as adding a personal note and making sure our algorithm truly suggest a contact that'll create value for you. This also brings trust to your first conversation: when you get introduced, you don't know them, they don't know you. BUT they know the other member who's introducing you. That's a true differentiation!

When you get introduced, you'll receive an email which will include some personal notes from the introducer and the contact information of the other person. At this point, you should reach out to him/her. Send a quick email, use the introducer's first name so you can establish trust easier, and suggest to connect via phone or in-person. After this point, it's all up to you.

World is not perfect :( Some introductions might not go well, maybe they won't be interested at all... An introduction made doesn't guarantee the other person will be interested... So just be mindful of that, and respectfully say thank you and walk away! We have plenty of people on Wanderfy that can make other introductions for you ;)

5. Rate the Intros

Once the introduction is done, you should go back to Wanderfy app and rate the introduction. The rating mechanism helps us to improve our algorithm, which will serve you better after all. The algorithm learns from your ratings and improves the accuracy of its suggestions.

Another reason we implemented ratings is that we'd like to differentiate between members that are so committed, spend time and make a real effort to make great introductions; and those members who does much less and doesn't care. It's ok! People are different, and we get it. This is our way to differentiate between members and there are some rewards mechanisms as well for our awesome members!!! 😍😍😍

6. Membership

Our business model is based on subscription fees. After the trial period, we will send you a reminder to enroll, but just so you know: you can always go to the user menu on the left, and subscribe.

If you have any questions and/or feedback, don't hesitate to send a note to hello@wanderfy.me