WanderMeets are events where Wanderfiers (our awesome members) get together, and support each other to grow their business. These are networking events where you create business opportunities, without having to chit-chat 😱. And sometimes they tell us some trends they are interested in, so we bring subject matter experts and have panel discussion as well. 
Our meetings start with everyone briefly introducing themselves. This is really straight-forward: name, what you do and what you're looking for. Then you describe your business needs. All members and Wanderfy team think of their networks and introduce you to your next customer or partner. Remember! it's a two-way street. You need to introduce to get introduced ;)

Why join?

#1 Grow your business
Wanderfy's core mission is to help grow your business, and monetize your network. WanderMeets are perfect to achieve that goal.
You will tell others what you need,  to grow your business. Based on your needs, other members and Wanderfy crew will curate introductions to help you get there.
#2 New trends & ideas
Some WanderMeets focus on certain topics, so we talk about what has been happening as of late. This provides a great opportunity to hear what trends are occurring, to understand what is new in your target market, and to get inspired about new business ideas you will hear. 
#3 Build your network
WanderMeets are imperative to connect with like-minded individuals and start building your relationship. 
In addition, WanderMeets allow you to get to know people you might introduce to your network, which is always a good thing. 
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